Volunteer Opportunities

Game Day Opportunities:

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.  See below for a detailed description for each position.

Position: Game Clock Operator 
Responsibility:Keeps the score and the game clock running. Will stop and start the game clock on the referee’s signal. 
Requirements: None – an ABYF person will show what the referee signal looks like.  Clock operation is a simple start/stop button.
Number Needed Each Game: 1
Position: Announcer 
Responsibility: Announces the players & cheerleaders before the game.  Reads pregame announcements and instructions for national anthem.  Gives the highlights of the activity on the field.  Assists with half time announcements and show. 
Requirements: A high amount of football knowledge is helpful but not required.  Understanding the various penalties and signals by the ref so that they can be called over the PA system.  Understanding of the procedures of football including names of positions, scores, plays and penalties is highly recommended.
Number Needed Each Game: 1
Position: Concessions Stand 
Responsibility:  Different roles are performed by various volunteers.  Rolls include; running the cash register and making change, acting as an expediter for placed orders, restocking supplies and grilling food.
Requirements:  Basic math skills, some experience manning a grill when in that roll is helpful.
Number Needed Each Game: 6
Position: Cones (Flag Game Only)
Responsibility:  Places a cone on the sideline indicating where the ball started off for each play.  Moves the cone to the new line of scrimmage when the referee indicates the play is over.  
Requirements: None.  Must be able to walk the sidelines and remain standing through the flag game. 
Number Needed Each Game: 2 
Position: Flag Football Referee 
Responsibility: Refereeing a flag game consists of blowing the whistle to signify the pulling of a flag and placing the ball at the spot of the “tackle.” Any penalties will be handled between the coaches on the field.  
Requirements: The ability to run up and down the flag football field is very helpful.  Basic knowledge of the football down system is necessary. 
Number Needed Each Game: 2 
Position: Sideline Monitors (Jr/Sr Games Only)
Responsibility:  Makes sure players get the minimum requirement of plays.  You will be assisted on the sideline by another parent volunteer from the opposing team.  Needed for both home and away games.
Requirements: Must be able to stand until all players receive the minimum number of plays.  Must be 18 or older
Number Needed Each Game: 2
Position: Chains Crew (Jr/Sr Games Only) 
Responsibility:Holds the sideline markers in the place as directed by the referees.  Changes the down marker box and moves to the new line of scrimmage.
Requirements:Must be able to stand and move out of the way for the length of the game.  No football knowledge is necessary as you will be assisted by the sideline referee through out the game. 
Number Needed Each Game: 3 
Position: 50/50 Salesman (Jr/Sr Games Only) 
Responsibility: Walks around the stands and selling 50/50 raffle tickets until halftime. 
Requirements:Must be able to make change.  Must be able to walk up and down stairs in the stands.  
Number Needed Each Game:  2
Position: Nurse/EMT (Jr/Sr Games Only) 
Responsibility:Stays at the field while activities are taking place.  Evaluates any medical situation when summoned by the coaching staff.  Controls the situation until resolved or advanced medical support arrives.  
Requirements:  Must have a nursing degree or current EMT certification.  Must be approved by the ABYF Medical Coordinator. 
Number Needed Each Game: 1